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Benefits of using a Inland Boatbuilding member. 

Benefits of using a Inland Boatbuilding Member 
British Marine Inland Boatbuilding is an association of the British Marine Federation (BMF). 
The BMF is the trade association for the leisure marine industry and represents over 1500 marine businesses including Boatbuilders, marina operators, sea schools, holiday operators and equipment and service providers. All Inland Boatbuilding members are therefore members of the BMF and adhere to a Code of Practice giving you some assurance that they are carrying out business in accordance with best practice and legal standards. 
Some of the areas that the Code of Practice covers include: 
Best standards of customer service to ensure that members act with honesty and integrity towards their customers 
Observance of all relevant legal and regulatory requirements, including product and safety regulations 
Contractual standards that ensure a high standard of responsibility to the customer in every transaction 
How to deal with customer complaints efficiently & reasonably to ensure that customers continue to receive good customer service 
Appropriate insurance cover so that customers are protected 
Dedicated client account for holding customer monies 
RCD compliance (please note - members that have not yet built a boat are welcomed in to the BMF pending receipt of their RCD conformity) 
Why use a Inland Boatbuilding member ? 
1. All Inland Boatbuilding members are required, as an article of membership, to build their boats to the requirements of the Recreational Craft Directive which has been in force since 1998 and was amended in 2005. These requirements, known as Essential Safety Requirements (ESR) cover all aspects of the boat from identification marks to strength of construction, stability and handling, from gas, electric and fuel system installations to owner’s documentation. All members are required to adhere to this and regular checks are made by the British Marine Federation. 
2. It has recently become a Inland Boatbuilding rule that all new boats must have a Boat Safety Scheme Certificate at point of sale, even though this is not a legal requirement for the first four years of a boat's life. Again member builders have to provide proof of this to the Assosiation secretary. 
This is a step in the direction of having all new boats checked by an independent party. 
3. Members have direct access to the technical department of the British Marine Federation for any technical queries they may have. This is important as regulations are constantly evolving and new products are coming to the market. 
Recently, new rules were introduced regarding the safe fitting of solid fuel stoves. Our members, with their extensive practical knowledge, were able to contribute positively to getting those rules right. 
The Industry standard code of practice for the construction of inland waterways hulls and superstructures was written some years ago by the then CBA chairman and a senior surveyor specialising in steel construction. That simple code of practice is still standard in the industry today. 
4. Buyers can take advantage of using the British Marine Federation Construction Agreement. This is only strictly legal when the builder is a BMF member, as Inland Boatbuilding members are of course. 
5. Although not a common occurrence, sometimes problems can arise between customers and our members. 
In this case, BMF has a simple no nonsense arbitration service to sort out any difficulties with the builder or the repair. 
First call is with the Inland Boatbuilding Chairman who will contact the trade member involved, investigate and try to offer a solution. If required then the BMF itself can get involved to find an equitable solution. This , at least in the early stages, at no cost to the customer. 
6. Inland Boatbuilding vets all new members and does its best, with in current legal guidelines, to prevent rogue traders joining us. 
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